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The Staff of Babraham Bioinformatics

Simon Andrews (Head of Bioinformatics)

Email: simon.andrews@babraham.ac.uk

Simon came to bioinformatics after training as a molecular biologist. He originally did a first degree in microbiology at Warwick University before moving on to do a PhD in molecular evolution at Newcastle University.

Simon always had a keen interest in the application of computing to biology and following his PhD he moved into a full time bioinformatics position. He initially worked at the BBSRC Bioscience IT Services where he was a protein analysis specialist and was responsible for providing training in bioinformatics to the various BBSRC Institutes.

In 2000 he moved to the Babraham institute, where he has been the head of bioinformatics since the end of 2009.

Laura Biggins (Senior Bioinformatician)

Email: laura.biggins@babraham.ac.uk

Laura has a BSc in Natural Sciences from Durham University and joined the group in February 2011 after completing an MSc in Applied Bioinformatics at Cranfield University.

Sarah Inglesfield (Bioinformatician)

Email: sarah.inglesfield@babraham.ac.uk

Hayley Carr (Statistician)

Email: hayley.carr@babraham.ac.uk

Hayley has a BSc in Cancer Biology and Immunology from the University of Bristol and did her PhD at the University of Birmingham in medical science, researching early inflammatory arthritis. She then worked in health policy, focusing on the use of genomics in healthcare, before joining the group in July 2023.

Jo Montgomery (Biological Training Developer)

Email: jo.montgomery@babraham.ac.uk

Phone: +44 (0)1223 496245

Jo has a BSc in Biology and Biochemistry from Keele University and a PhD in Neurobiology from Cambridge University. Jo is a qualified school teacher and also has experience in adult training. Jo joined the group in September 2017 to support training .