When writing training courses one of the biggest challenges is finding suitable datasets to serve as examples. Here we have collected together a large number of publicly available datasets for you to browse to find one which serves your purpose and lets you get on with your training. Alongside each dataset we have written a short description of the principles we think it can be used to illustrate. We also show some R code to perform some basic transformations and visualisations on the data to get you started with it.

Where possible we have provided a link back to the original source of the data. You are free to use any of these datasets for any purpose, but we request that you cite both the original source and Babraham Bioinformatics if you use them in your work.

If you find any problems with this site, the data or the code, or if you have any other datasets you think would be useful to add to this collection you can submit issues to our github repository.


Data Sets

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